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  H.T.H.P Vertical Dyeing machines...  

• To Dye fiber / Yarn of any type at high temp for efficient    Dyeing.

• KB make HIHP Vertical dying machine made out of S.S. 316   quality where dyeing liquor comes in contact consisting of :

A). A closed kier with self sealing rapid locking lid,       pneumatically operated and built in heat exchanger with        required safety device.

B). A Centrifugal pump with motor and reversing device      fitted below the vessel which allows the change in      direction of liquor circulation ( Inside – Outside & Outside      –Inside)


C). A compressed air inlet valve for air pad dying system.

D). Color addition tank with injector pump.

E). Continuous rinsing device.

F). Sampling pot.

G). Microprocessor based programmable logic controller for controller for controlled heating / cooling of the             dyeing liquor with pneumatically operated control valves for steam and cooling water.

H). Power control panel suitable for the accommodation / installation of the electronic programmer, require       relays, contactor, transformers, fuses, switches and indicating lamps.

I). CARRIER :-Suitable S.S. Dyeing carrier for Fiber / Yarn to dye.

J). STOCK TANK :- Made out of stainless steel having capacity of 100 % of the long liquor volume. Tank      suitable for preparing the individual treatment baths as well as for storing,bleaching and dyeing liquor.      Tank provided with water feed valve, drain pipe withvalve, steam valve with steam injector for direct      heating, spray rinsing ring and an electronic temperature indicator cum controller.

K). FULL AUTOMATION :- Of above plant with microprocessor based PLC programmer with LCD &        processMIMIC forprocess operation like filling, dye liquor preparation transfer, circulation, rinsing drain        etc.with pneumatically operated valves & necessary control panel.


Capacity ( In Kg. )                                          : 100 200 300 400 500

MOC                                                                : 316 Q. S.S.( Working Parts )

Rated Operating Pressure                              : 5 BAR 5 BAR 5 BAR 5 BAR 5 BAR

Rated Operating Temp.                                  : 140º c 140º c 140º c 140º c 140º c

Max. Indirect Heating Rate                             : 4ºc/Min 4ºc/Min 4ºc/Min 4ºc/Min 4ºc/Min

Max. Cooling Rate fro    min                             : 130º c to 80º c : 2ºc/Min 2ºc/Min 2ºc/Min 2ºc/Min 2ºc/Min

Liquor volume                                                  : About About About About About

                                                                         750 Ltr. 1200 Ltr. 1950 Ltr. 2600 Ltr. 3300 Ltr.

Main Pump H. P                                               : 15 HP 25 HP 40 HP 60 HP 75 HP

Due Injection pump H.P                                  : 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP.



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