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  M/s Arvind Mills Ltd.    

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• Suitable for Dyeing bleaching, scouring etc of fabric in open width batch wise without tension on fabric. The light    weight fabric with close weaving constructioncan be dyed    efficiently.

• The machine consist of mainly S. S. main trough Housing ;    S. S. cladded Batch rolls mounted on the heavy duty roller    bearings, pneumatically operated drain valve,guide rolls,    fabric centering and expanding device; S.S. pipes for    water and liquor injection temperature controller;    Speedometer. Level controller S. S.pneumatically operated    hood will large view glasses on either sides.

• Two nos. batch rolls find on AC, inverter drive, tension    sensing device,unwinding device and control panel.



• Working Width : From 900 mm to 2200 mm.

• M.O.C. : S. S. 316 q.

• Max. Batch Dia : 1400 mm

• Batch Roller dia : 275 mm

• Speed : 25 – 100.

• Elect. Load : 15.0 K.W.


• The S. S. fabricated Hood will be pneumatically operated and will have large view glasses on both sides.

• Each Roller will have individual drive motor.


• AC inverter motor.


• Consist of Control instruments; forward –reverse operation;passagecounting temperature controller cum    indicator; speedometer. Automatic turus and passage counting ;liquor recirculation, Pneumatic open/close    system of door.

• PLC Base Control is also available.



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