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J.box Bleaching Plant
Tensitroll washer
Pressure Kier
Auto bin piller
Cistern piller
Slack rope washing machine
Wet fiber
Centrifuge Hydro Extractors
Semi automatic Jigger
High tech Jigger
Hank Dyeing machine
Rotary Hank Dyeing machine
Soft flow Dyeing machine
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  M/s Arvind Mills Ltd.    

  M/s Asoka Mills Ltd.    Ahmedabad 
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  Vacume Strainer...  

• For Staining thickening ( paste) for printing of Fabric. Ideal    result of printing lines and heavy blotch designs after    straining paste from the machine.

• M.O.C. S. S. 304Q.

• S. S. Vessel with big size tight hinged type door.

• Platform for resting the container.

• Special type of drain valve.

• S. S. Hooper Feeder.

• Easily removable fine S. S. sieve.

• Suitable Electric motor and water ring vacuum pump.



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