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  M/s Arvind Mills Ltd.    

  M/s Asoka Mills Ltd.    Ahmedabad 
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  Rotary drum washer...  

• Useful in washing and stone washing of ready made    garments.

• Capacity : 5 , 25 , 50 , 100 and 200 kgs. per batch.

• S.S. 316 LQ.

• Large size quick action valve at bottom.

• Steam connections are extended out at the side cover of the    machine.

• Water connection is provided at the top either right side of    left side.

• Temperature Indicator cum controller.


• Overflow arrangement.

• Large opening for loading and unloading with sliding door.


Fabricated from S.S. 316 Embossed perforation in the periphery and with integrally formed lifters for proper beating.


Larger cylinder doors for easy loading and unloading.

Flap type hopper is provided to prevent cloth falling in gap between the inner and outer cylinder.


A standard make 10 / 15 HP Motor with suitable Gear Box and Pulley. V-Belt Drive with easy belt tightening device.


Consists of start/stop buttons, timer for automatic reverse and forward rotation of basket, Over load relay, pilot light fuse unit dial thermometer etc.

A limit switch for electrical interlocking for preventing machine to operate while the door is open.



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